Land port

The KHBTDA is suited to host a dry port within the dedicated logistic area in the zone to provide port services and all other logistical services needed for local and informational trade.

Importance of the dry port can be summarized in the following:

  • To increase the competitiveness of KHBTDA in specific and Jordan in general by putting it on the local regional and global logistical trade map
  • To ease the import, export and re-export process of must shipments coming from land, sea and air ports.
  • To improve Jordanian logistical services and increase the contribution of the transportation sector in the Jordanian economy through creating jobs and establishing sustainable projects.
  • To increase the benefit gained from current and future railway projects
  • To support industrial and commercial projects which depends in its exporting and importing on raw material coming from middle east and GCC ports.
  • To connect Jordan with trade movements across European countries turkey, Syria, Iraq and the GCC which will help the economic growth of the country.