# Enterprise Type of Business
1 Middle East Plastic Packaging Industry Plastic Industry
2 Petra Co A.C Manufacture Factory
3 MESC Cable Manufacture
4 Mediterranean for Steel Manufacturing Steel Factory
5 Jordanian Bahraini Paper Industry Paper Industry
6 Al- Mansour Co. Juice Industry
7 Softy Industries Cleaning & Detergents Factory
8 Arabella Extrusion Aluminum Extrusion
9 Ritaj Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Human & Animal medicines
10 Green Has Jordan Agricultural Fertilizer
11 Al Maward Al Motakamleh Plastic Water Fillers
12 Al-Hamad for steel manufacturing Aluminum Extrusions
13 Space for Technologies Precast industries
14 Swedish Jordanian Company for Chemicals Chemicals Industries
15 Shawkat & ziad shboul Water filters industry
16 Alnaqaa Co. oil & lubricants industry
17 Green Zeolite fertilizer industry
18 Bonyan Co. Aluminum extrusion
19 Almoe?en Food industry
20 Al yaqoub Electric board industry
21 Classic Co. Garment
22 Nano Fodder industry
23 Al narjes Food industry
24 Al amouri Food industry
25 Br al sham Food industry
26 Shams alram Metal and steel industries
27 Italian star Aluminum extrusion
28 Al reyadiah Chemicals Industries
29 Qanadeel food industry Food industry
30 Al Tamam Co. Food industry
31 The Caribbean Co. oil & lubricants industry
32 Gold Carawia Food industry
33 Al Zammar Co. Marble, granite and tiles industry
34 Universal jordan Co. Printing & packaging
35 Sabagh & Turkmani Toilet kits industry
36 Shams Co. Furniture industry
37 Black Swan Co. False ceiling industry
38 Logistics for shipping Logistics, cargo shipping and storage services
39 Oxidation co. oil & lubricants industry
40 Alnadi Co. Electrical appliances industry
41 Concession Co. for Metal Formation
42 Arezona Petrochemical industry
43 Darjat al ola Steel industry
44 Specialized Co. Commercial Services
45 Green Solutions Industrial Co. Tires Recycling
46 Sima Renewable Energy Co. Industry and trade of renewable energy systems
47 Jordan Emirates Co. Steel Industries