about KHBTDA

King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area (KHBTDA) in Mafraq – situated 60 Km northeast of the capital Amman at the nexus of a modern highway network connecting Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia – is strategically positioned to function as an industrial center and inland port stretching across 21 square kilometers with an adjacent functional airport and a future railway system.

Through the unique combination of its geographic location, public sector commitment, and a legal and regulatory framework underpinned by the progressive and robust Investment Law, the KHBTDA is an unparalleled infrastructure, industry and logistics investment opportunity. With regional markets exceeding 300 million inhabitants, the potential to connect overland routes with access to major regional ports, and the planned conversion of the adjacent King Hussein Airbase into a mixed use airport, the site has the potential to become not only a leading location for industrial production, but also a regional transportation hub for onward movement of goods from throughout the region, and indeed the world.